Polmed Travel are people who for generations are associated with medicine. On their experience and knowledge is based on our business. Its headquarters is located in Wroclaw, Poland - one of the most beautiful cities, known as the Venice of Northern Europe. Clinics we work with the highest standards when it comes to medical equipment. But our greatest asset are the doctors, experienced specialists in the field of plastic surgery, orthopedics, treatment of varicose veins and dentistry and implantology.

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Beautiful look - who would not like that his eyes were always beautiful, with large expressive eyes.
Unfortunately, over the passage of time and with the genetic tendency to hide our eyes under the guise of our drooping eyelids.
Fortunately, there is method for this - plastic surgery called this correction eyelid or lifting eyelids.
This treatment remove excess skin upper or lower eyelids and smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes.
Correction of upper eyelid involves the removal of excess skin, which was founded as a natural skin fold. The treatment is completed foundation delicate stitches.
Correction of lower eyelid, this procedure also removed the excess skin, while the cutting is carried out under the eyelashes. In this case we also have to deal with the so-called. bags under the eyes, the excess must be also removed.

The procedure takes about an hour and is performed under local anesthesia.