Polmed Travel are people who for generations are associated with medicine. On their experience and knowledge is based on our business. Its headquarters is located in Wroclaw, Poland - one of the most beautiful cities, known as the Venice of Northern Europe. Clinics we work with the highest standards when it comes to medical equipment. But our greatest asset are the doctors, experienced specialists in the field of plastic surgery, orthopedics, treatment of varicose veins and dentistry and implantology.

czwartek, 10 maja 2012

Hair Transplantation

Procedure of hair transplantation:
This treatment is in local anesthesia. We are taking from the back and bottom (this is a place when your hair will never fall out) of your head small sample of skin with hair. This small section has got about couple of millimeters and it's share for smaller pieces with few follicles on it. After that ever each piece is replacing to the place when your hair are gone. There are no discards of such transplantation, because it's grafted our own body. However the result depend on skin blood flow in the first days after transplantation.
Important! None of hair transplant surgery will give 100% effect. This is because part of the hair follicle dies after transplant. The reason is the blood supply to the scalp - in every man this processes are individual.
This is the best method of hair transplantation.
After 7 days there may be just few almost invisible remnants of the scabs.

środa, 8 lutego 2012

Plastic surgery in Poland. Polmed Travel.

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With our services, we opened up in Europe until a few months ago. We are very pleased, as we evaluate our POLMED Travel and medical patients. Here are their opinions.

03 Feb 12
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"Chin Implant"100%
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I travelled to Wroclaw early January to have my surgery. Overall the process was smooth, efficient and the staff were absolutely lovely and made me feel at ease at all times. I was greeted at the airport by representatives of PolMedTravel, who not only took me to the clinic on multiple occasions but also to my hotel. Throughout my stay, they were quick to answer all my questions and nothing was too much trouble for them. They even provided me with a local mobile phone to contact them if I had any problems when I was by myself. The surgery was relatively quick and painless and so far the results are just what I had imagined. Dr. Peter Rataj was very thorough at explaining the steps to me and ensuring that we achieved the right aesthetic, based on my face shape. He was a very gentle surgeon and I had minimal discomfort during the procedure as well as afterwards. The clinic where I had my surgery was clean and in great condition and the staff were very friendly. From my experience, I have no hesitation recommending it and PolMed Travel to anybody interested in cosmetic procedures! I will definitely return!
Chin Implant

15 Dec 11
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"Great experience"88%
Were you pleased with the treatment?
Thank you Polmed Travel, great experience with the dentist !!!

05 Dec 11
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"Recommend it"90%
Were you pleased with the treatment?
Had a breast augmentation with dr. peter. am very pleased with the outcome. Professional, friendly and very competent clinic staff. Recommend it

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