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środa, 27 lipca 2011


In the era of our time is all-pervasive cult of the body. Each of us regardless of gender or age wants to look young, beautiful and slim. There are many methods by which we can intended purpose. One of them is liposuction of the problematic parts of the body such as the buttocks, thigh or abdomen through the cannula. The cannulas are the tubes that through small incisions inserted under the skin. This treatment lasts from two to up to five or six hours (depending on the selected parts of the body) and it is classified as a relatively simple operation. However, not everyone can undergo this treatment because it is preceded by a number of studies are eligible, such as:
-         peripheral blood morphology
-         studies of blood group
-         studies of platelet
-         ABS Ag
-         testing for HIV and HCV
-         ECG
-         chest x-ray
Contraindication to surgery is:
- unregulated diabetes
- respiratory diseases
- cardiovascular diseases
- blood clotting disorders
- hyperthyroidism
- varicose veins
The best candidates to perform liposuction are people with normal body weight, with firm and elastic skin and excess fat in certain parts of the body. Obese a person is recommended that before surgery dropped a few pounds. Patients who qualified for the surgery for six hours prior to surgery is not given any food or fluids. The decision about how to take the plastic surgeon anesthesia, together with the anesthesiologist. Deal of anesthesia depends on the technique, scope and location of the surgery. Small operations take place under local anesthesia, those with a greater range of peripheral or general anesthesia. During one treatment, you can not suck a dose larger than three to four liters of fat, more can lead to serious complications.

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