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piątek, 29 lipca 2011



Over time and with the progress of present medicine, there are new and improved techniques of liposuction, giving better results and to enhance the safety and comfort of the patient during surgery.

The oldest technique of liposuction is so called TRADITIONAL – DRY LIPOSUCTION, involving the introduction of a standard tube without liquid and drain the residual fat tissue by using very high pressure. This procedure can cause extensive tissue injury, a significant blood loss, nerve damage and necrosis due to removal of important elements of tissue vascularization.
Another method based on traditional liposuction, and differing only inject a small amount of fluid (saline, epinephrine, lidocaine). The amount of injected fluid is less than the amount of fat removed, is a technique called WET.
Next one called VERY WET TECHNIQUE also draws on the injection of saline solution, epinephrine, lidocaine. The amount of solution injected is proportional to the amount of fat removed.
TUMESCENT - a method involving the use of saline solution, lidocaine (due to its anesthetic properties) and epinephrine (in order to shrink the blood vessels and thus blocking of bleeding). It's mostly about damming the bleeding, reduce swelling and bruising of the area subjected to liposuction. In this way, it is possible to remove the fatty tissue without serious damage to other tissues. The tumescent technique is often injected into two or three times what is the solution volume of fat to be removed.
TECHNOLOGY UAL, which uses ultrasonic waves or a titanium tube, is also called Lipoplasty. Ultrasound waves affect the fat cells by dissolving them. The dissolved fat is removed by a tube connected to a suction pump and a special container. If the ultrasound emitting tube is not supported professionally, you may get burned. Ultrasonic waves can also cause burns to skin tissue and burn surrounding tissue. To reduce discomfort after the procedure, a special solution which is used (saline, epinephrine and lidocaine). It also helps in distribution of ultrasonic waves, and cooled to prevent tissue burns.
TECHNOLOGY PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) - a technique that is used for linear suction tube allows high-speed suction. PAL does not pose a risk of burns. Using a new tool surgeons are able to perform liposuction in a shorter time, without causing any injuries. PAL is less risk of injuries and less pain, while ensuring a faster healing process.
LASER TECHNOLOGY - using cold laser dissolves the fatty tissue, while the membrane remains intact adipocytes. Fat cells become flattened, without interrupting their wall. Laser technology is used usually in conjunction with the technique of tumescent for smaller areas. The organism is able to very effectively remove small deposits of fat in a natural way. Because the device does not generate heat (hence the name of cool or cold laser), there has been any damage related to the temperature used during the surgery. The procedure is as follows: holding the device over the area undergoing liposuction for 12 minutes, and then performs a small incision and removes the fat by using a small negative pressure.

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