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wtorek, 24 maja 2011


And how I will feel after surgery? And I’m not talking only about the physical well-being, but above all psychological!
Am I ready for this? Will I be able to accept the changes and whether they meet my expectations? These and other questions will try to answer today to myself and you!
There is nothing revelatory fact that the consequence of any surgical intervention is the period of convalescence, intimately linked with the procedure chosen by us and it lasts from several days to a month. Bandages and sutures (if not soluble) was removed after about 10 days after surgery. Unfortunately, pain, bruising and swelling will also be accompanied us in those first few dozen days after surgery.
It seems to me that the worst is waiting for final results. This constant uncertainty as to whether we accept the new you! Remember that your doctor is not a miracle worker, and plastic surgery only fulfills those dreams that are achievable with a scalpel. Try, therefore, the most effective use of a meeting with his doctor for a comprehensive discussion addressing all aspects of plastic surgery.
Carry out the conversation with yourself, remembering that happiness does not depend on the absence of facial wrinkles, whether the amount of extra pounds. Good luck!

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