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wtorek, 24 maja 2011

"To light the other, one needs to burn ..."- prof. Ludwik Hirszfeld,Wroclaw Medical University

Prof. Ludwik Hirszfeld (born August 5, 1884 in Warsaw, died. March 7, 1954 in Wrocław) - physician, bacteriologist and immunologist, founder of the Polish school of immune and new field of science - seroantropologii.
A great man and great scientist. Creator of the Wroclaw Medical Academy. With the discovery of the blood groups and serological conflict, many hundreds of thousands of people can now live peacefully. Our doctors have completed medical academy, which has developed the Professor Hirschfeld. Above the door of the Wroclaw Medical University is still hung with beautiful words, which teach young doctors:
"To light the other, one needs to burn ..."
He studied medicine in Würzburg and Berlin. He received his doctorate for work on agglutination, and habilitation (age 30 years) for his work on the compound effects of immune and blood clotting. He was an assistant at the Institute of Cancer Research in Heidelberg, the Institute of Hygiene at the University of Zurich. During World War I took part in the fight against a huge epidemic of typhus in Serbia. After Poland regained its independence in 1918, he co-founded the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw. During this period, baptized with his wife because he was told that as a Jewish person can not obtain this position.

Habilitation in 1926 for the second time as a bacteriologist and immunologist. During World War II, along with other Jews were forced to live in the Warsaw ghetto. He conducted his lectures, research work, and - thanks to the vaccine provided by prof. Rudolf Weigl Institute in Lwów, illegally smuggled into the ghetto - cured the sick with typhus. In July 1942 he escaped from the ghetto to the Aryan side. Over a period of hiding under a different name at home with Przedpełskich Kenigowej Laura, his wife Marian Kenig, in Old Miłosna near Warsaw, and later in a host of Stanislaus Kaflik Klembowie around pretending Tłuszcz Officer-disinfector. In 1943 he wrote his autobiography, which appeared in 1946 Fri "History of one life." After the liberation of Lublin in 1944, he participated in the creation of UMTS. In 1945 he moved to Breslau and took a job at the Medical Faculty of Wroclaw University (he was the first dean of the faculty). In 1952 he created the Wroclaw Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, Polish Academy of Sciences.
His most important scientific achievements to work on blood groups. He led it in the years 1907-1911, together with Emil von Dungernem in Zurich. He discovered the law of inheritance of blood groups (which are applied to the investigation of paternity), and introduced as an indication of blood group 0, A, B and AB, which was adopted worldwide in 1928. Also marked the Rh factor and discovered the cause of serological conflict, which has saved the lives of many newborns.
Professor's wife. Louise Hirschfeld was a professor. Hirszfeldowa Hanna, also a doctor, a pediatrician. The tomb is located in the State Hirszfeldów Cemetery St. Lawrence in Wroclaw.
The study Hirszfelda Jasienica Paul wrote in his book Tales of living matter (1954).

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