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poniedziałek, 23 maja 2011


And yet, ..., I think about it more often. But what I really know about plastic surgery, what risks are associated with plastic surgery?
Any surgical intervention carries some risk, in the case of plastic surgery the most common complications include infection, hematoma, or scar tissue, which are often eligible for another operation or laser surgery.
And what about the anesthesia?
Well, most plastic surgery treatments accompanied by general anesthesia. After which some patients may experience adverse reactions such as cardiac arrhythmia, airway obstruction, temporary paralysis or nerve damage. During the same operation is possible hemorrhage, the appearance of blood clots, and sometimes even death. Therefore, if we decide to have the surgery, give your doctor a list of illnesses, how they treat and a list of drugs.
For your safety and full awareness in the decision, do not be afraid to tell your doctor about all that concerns our health, for fear that it may be justified by the doctor’s decision not to admit us to the surgery.

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