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piątek, 20 maja 2011


Every woman wants to be beautiful. For each of us, beauty is not only a determinant of prettiness, but also the well-being. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and look through the mirror I wanted to scream, and then ... come to me mind and thought about what I could change in itself, and after that, there are hundreds of questions bothering me?

First of all, I ask myself whether plastic surgery is right for me? Well, to undergo any surgery plastic surgery, we have to be 100% healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke (and those who smoke should stop for two weeks before surgery, and also to refrain for the next two weeks after surgery), not have any other addictions.
But I think that in the first place should be the question whether it really know what I want?
Many women are looking at each other have the same feeling – I would like to change  something, just don’t really know what? And on this question, the doctor doesn’t  give us answers, he can advise the method of the operation, but the final decision on how we want to look like, We  and just We have taken, and what more we need to be 100% sure that what we want to make changes and how we look after .

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