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czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011

ABC of breast augmentation. Plastic surgery in Poland. Part I

How do you imagine breast augmentation surgery? The surgeon implants implanted under the skin, then a little pain and no longer - you sex bomb. Maybe this will be, but before making a decision about surgery to find out more about it. Let's start with the basic knowledge, that is ... Well, but what kind of implants? The market is very many types of implants and methods for their placement. On the type of implant depends on the shape of your breast. Meet the most common types of implants used in surgical breast augmentation, the drawbacks, advantages and applications. Here's a quick guide that will help you talk with your doctor first.
Some time ago I used in the operations only silicone implants, and then came the fashion for saline. Now the Possibility is much more. Implants vary in texture, filling, Implants vary in texture, filling, and shape.types of implantss - the division Because of the texture.
Smooth implants are the oldest.  It's just dry and the prosthesis was implanted blonde of all time That is Marilyn Monroe! What are Their Advantages? Such implants are Placed Easily, They Also have a small risk of infection. Also there are rarely post-operative Complications dry as hematomas. Disadvantages? Implants with a smooth surface mostly Covered In cysts. It Also Happens That the implant moves or is visible through the skin. Aesthetic Considerations influenced by the fact That less and less frequently used this type of implant. 
Textured implants have a surface rough and porous. Lack of smoothness makes it great implant fuses with the breast tissue. The result? Implants are well embedded nei move and are not visible and palpable under the skin. Their faults should be the fact that their implementation requires a relatively large cutting performance, resulting in a much larger scar. Also the risk of infection and complications does not remove the aesthetic advantages of this method. It's just textured implants are used most often.

Types of implants - breakdown by type of filler
Image shows the state before and after surgery using implants round. Patient age 43 years to fill 275 cc silicone implant

It is silicone implants is associated with silicone breast enlargement. And not without reason: for years silicone was the most popular cosmetic filler, it applies also for lip augmentation, cheek-bones model, etc. At some point, however, information emerged that the silicone implants rupture and leak. For this reason, patients often ask doctors today for another kind of prostheses. However, it is known that silicone implants today are different from those used decades ago. What has changed? Once used almost liquid silicone, which was to make that it can not be felt through the skin. Today, silicone gel consistency may vary, it is chosen according to individual patient needs. What is the advantage of silicone implants? First of all, that is the best known method for breast augmentation. There is no medical evidence that silicone causes breast cancer or delaying its diagnosis.

Saline implants. Implants filled with saline are relatively new. In the middle is a solution of salt, which is indifferent to health and can be absorbed by the body. Therefore, for a time considered saline implants as a safe alternative to silicone implants. But it turned out that this type of prosthesis often requires re-operation and exchange of the implant. Is associated with a higher risk of infection.

Types of implants - the division because of the shape.

Round implants produce such an effect would normally associate with enlarged breasts. Breasts are round, firm and erect, they look artificial, but also ... very sexy. It is guaranteed to always push up effect! However, it is known that this type of implants are not suitable for mature women with large breasts hint of slackness.
Dentures provide a natural anatomical shape of the breast. This means that the large size they always fell slightly, while they are still wonderfully firm. Among the anatomical implants are prostheses of various types of cross sections and profiles, so they can be perfectly matched to the natural predisposition of the patient.

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