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środa, 1 czerwca 2011

What are varicose veins? Laser varicose vein surgery. Poland. Part I.

 are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged and often twisted affected, as amended veins lying over the muscle fascia. There are also intradermal varices (wenulektazje, commonly known as "spiders"), Reticular vessels under the skin, varicose veins sidings and the maintrunk veins: the saphenous vein and saphenous vein.
It is estimated that in Europe for varicose disease suffer 50% of the population.. Left untreated, years lived in old age can cause serious diseases such as thromboembolic complications, edema, and hard to heal ulcers.

Symptoms may take different forms, but usually these are:
- feeling of heaviness in the legs
- hypertonia in the limbs
- leg pain
- leg cramps
- feeling of restlessness in the legs.
Symptoms tend to a deterioration in the passage of years. Often small varicose veinscan produce severe pain and vice versa. Advanced varicose veins may be asymptomatic. Therefore, from time to time, control posts, should be done with Dopplerultrasound to examine the normal blood flow in the veins.

Laser varicose vein surgery
The first laser treatment to remove varicose veins at the turn of 2001-2002 conducted, doctors in the U.S..
Since this year began laser surgery effectively displace the traditional method called.stripping, which involves pulling the saphenous vein or the saphenous.   Traditionalmethod is still used in European hospitals, due to the low cost of operation.
Traditional method is less comfortable for the patient than surgery performed by laser,because it requires full anesthesia, anesthesia, or at least in the spine, the surgeon mustperform multiple cuts, which causes postoperative pain, the patient must be hospitalizedseveral days and recovery takes about a month.

The laser treatment applied under local anesthesia, takes between 30 minutes to an hour and the patient goes home immediately. The next day you can return to daily activities. Pain after surgery is practically reduced to a minimum, because the surgeonperforming the operation only performs an incision or puncture near the knee, not exceeding 5 mm.

In the next post I write, what is the advantage of laser vein surgery, the commonly used inEurope srippingiem. In brief, the interview will be with the vascular surgeon whoperformed the operations just laser varicose veins.

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  1. Oh waw I did not know it was possible to do a lazer treatment. I have a aunt who has this Varicose veins issue but I don't think she was told she could laser it. I'll have to tell her bout this.

    thanks for sharing xx

  2. I'm so glad, that my post game you such a valuable information and I hope it will help your aunt make a proper decision. In some close future on our blog will be a movie with neccesry informations about Laser varicose vein.
    Best Regards

  3. Maga ... What you scared? The diagnosis was a bet? Is what happened?

  4. Because I'm Benny thin, black I see different things.
    As soon as I have various complications before my eyes, well, this type of me.
    Sorry for my English, I support a dictionary, fluent in this topic I'm not.
    Man life training:))))

  5. Maga ... Do not be afraid. Diseases are and will be, but that does not mean that everything immediately get sick. In addition, although there are many opportunities to cure various diseases. You must be of good cheer. Doctors say that 50% chance of recovery is a positive attitude towards the patient, that his faith and willingness to fight for their own health. With best wishes:)

  6. Varicose veins can sometimes worsen without treatment. Your doctor will first try methods that do not require surgery to relieve your symptoms.


  7. Evan, The fact that surgery is the last resort is probably obvious to an experienced doctor. The article describes one of the methods used by us.Best Regards, Isabella

  8. Varicose veins look twisted and purple or blue, and they are raised, which means they look like they are sitting on top of the skin.

    varicose veins