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środa, 8 czerwca 2011

Plastic surgery-basic questions. Corresponds to a doctor in our clinic, Dr. Adam Kalecinski

1. What kind of anesthesia is used during surgery?
Depending on the operation used is general or local anesthesia.
 Is the clinic removes sutures, or do I have with this request to another doctor?
Management depends on type of operation and a plastic surgeon who carries it out. For example, during a liposuction plastic surgeon does not require sutures at all, while the second assumes them. After abdominal plasty sutures must be removed 14 days after the surgery. After a breast enlargement can be assumed insoluble seams for a photo after 12 days or dissolvable sutures. Department carries out the sutures in the charges for treatment, and so it is not an additional service fee. Since the surgery, the sutures are very simple, you can arrange them on your own at any medical facility.
2. Do you use soluble sutures?
Internal sutures are soluble. In some cases, the outside can also be assumed dissolvable sutures such as breast enlargement. If external stitches can not soluble then depending on the type of treatment they should be removed after 7-14 days. The patient receives the appropriate information on this subject before leaving the clinic.
3. How do I reserve the term operations or have to pay an advance?
No. Before coming to the Polish do not have to pay anything. We pay on the day of surgery at the clinic. For accommodation in a hotel or apartment pałacimy on the spot, after arriving in Wroclaw. All this is done so that our patients feel safe.
4. what are the contraindications to perform surgery?
The main contraindications are przewklekłe diseases such as diabetes. Furthermore, if women can not have your period on the day of surgery. Best to plan the date of surgery for 3 days before or 3 days after menstruation, avoiding the period of menstruation. In the two weeks prior to surgery can not take aspirin and paracetamol, and blood thinners.
Polmed Travel can help you choose suitable for you and the clinic date of arrival. We will make for You hotel or apartment reservation. We will help You to choose the appropriate means of transport: plane flight, coach, or your car. Our driver will pick You up from the airport, take You to the hotel. We will take care of You on the way to the Clinic. During Your stay in Wroclaw, You will receive from our company a mobile phone on the Polish network card, with important telephone contacts and a personal driver, who will drive You and receive from the clinic.

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