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wtorek, 21 czerwca 2011

Laser Resurfacing - Laser Fractional CO2 - AESTHETIC SURGERY

Laser treatment, which in one visit will help you remove brown spots, smooth out scars, wrinkles and stretch your skin. By means of a laser beam there is also the long-lasting stimulation of assisting the formation of collagen, giving skin a younger appearance. The advantage of fractional laser is able to care only some zones on the skin, when the rest of the skin is intact. In this way speeds up the healing process and you can earlier get back to the usual schedule.

What is hip resurfacing?
Laser resurfacing is a method of regeneration of the skin on the face of blanking out the outer layer using a laser beam. Results of resurfacing a smoothing wrinkles and scars, stretching skin and rejuvenation effect. This method uses the so-called ablative lasers, laser CO2. Laser gently removes the outer layers of the skin and causes regeneration of the epidermis.
Nowadays, most modern method uses so-called fractional CO2 laser. It can be used in the treatment of smallpox scars or acne, to compensate for the deeper wrinkles, keratinized skin or stain removal and smooth skin tone. Is great for smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles, and the lion's wrinkle, upper lip. It can help in getting rid of sagging skin of the eyelids, neck and cheeks.
The treatment consists of one thousand laser radiation effects on the skin. The site comes to the impact of strong overheating of the skin. Outer layer is removed, the remaining layers of the skin get under the influence of heat. Thermal effect helps remove the cells that are responsible for skin aging. The heat also causes the recovery of collagen fibers, which enables the appropriate tension of the skin and ensures the production of collagen, which takes place from 3 to 6 months after surgery. On the skin are places where the laser beams do not arrive. In these "islands" of the skin, not exposed to the heat comes to the treatment undergone regeneration of the epidermis, form new skin cells and bind to form the basis for the regeneration of the skin in place undergoing treatment. This device allows you to perform a mild, medium or deep resurfacing, depending on the patien's needs.
Am I a suitable candidate to carry out resurfacing with me?
If you have problems with horny epidermis of facial skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores scorch You, the scars of smallpox or acne, hyperpigmentation - You can be suitable candidates for surgery to undergo resurfacing.
For the optimal period to undergo surgery is considered to fall, winter and early spring.
Fractional resurfacing is sometimes performed without anesthesia. Before the procedure applies the anesthetic cream on the skin  and can be given drugs to reduce sensation during surgery.
The total face treatment takes about 20 minutes, face and neck about 30 minutes, face, neck and decolletage is approximately 40 minutes. In most cases, just one visit it’s enough, in case of strong changes (deep wrinkles and scars) to repeat the treatment after a period of four - eight weeks after the first surgery. During surgery, some patients may fell unpleasant  feelings of warmth, tingling and burning sensation. These feelings can last from half an hour to three hours after surgery.
After treatment
Immediately after treatment the skin is red, you get a bit swollen (it should disappear within 24 hours after surgery). Within a few days the skin starts to peel, and appears more youthful layer. The intensity of redness of the skin is individual and depends on the setting parameters of the laser. During this time, You need to specially care for your skin . It is recommended, gentle washing and rubbing Vaseline. The length of persistence of redness varies, an average of 3 to 5 days. On the fifth day, you can make-up and start using these creams, which were used prior to surgery. After resurfacing should be protected undergo place before the sun and use protective creams with high UV protection (50 +) at least for two months. Other precautions do not need to behave.
What are the effects of resurfacing?
In the case of resurfacing the results are great. Your skin may look like a 5 or even 10 years younger.
How long does the effect of resurfacing stays?
Immediately after surgery are already noticeable changes, but clearly the effect occurs within 3 - 6 months. Action is long and, while being protected from the elements UV rays effect persists for several years.

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