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czwartek, 2 czerwca 2011

Laser varicose vein operations. Wroclaw-Poland. Part III

Why laser varicose vein operations as quickly replacing the traditional method of stripping? The answer is simple. The patient has a much greater comfort and minimizes pain and recovery time. The advantages of laser surgery:

- The higher efficiency compared to traditional (93% -98%).
- Minor complications (haematomas, or deep vein thrombosis).
- Reducing postoperative pain with less invasive method of surgery. 
- The treatment led to short-term intravenous anesthesia and not in full anesthesia. 
- Short-term operations. Immediate return home. 
- No recovery - you can go to work the next day. 
- Inspection visit after the surgery for free.

The course of laser operation of varicose veins.
STEP 1 - consultation, and qualification for the surgery.Medical consultation with a surgeon. Before the surgery, the patient must take a specialist physician who performed an ultrasound, to determine the venous insufficiency. If there are no contraindications for surgery, the doctor and the patient is eligible immediately indicate the term of operation. 
 If you are from outside the Polish, performed at home with an ultrasound Doppler (blood flow). Sends us the results of an e-mail from a computer scan. Also complete a detailed medical questionnaire to the doctor to assess the health status of potential patients. On site in our clinic once a doctor who will do the operation with Doppler ultrasound to directly assess the condition of varicose veins and character.
Day-mapping procedure. Just before the surgery so the doctor performs. Mapping of varicose veins using ultrasound apparatus. Mapping the course of a detailed indication of incompetent veins.
1. Surgeon introduces a special catheter into the vein in which the fiber is placed. The catheter is inserted through a small incision of the skin with a length of about 5 mm or puncture.
2. A doctor at all times by controlling the reading the image on the monitor ultrasound catheter introduced into the fiber, through which a minute will flow, the laser beam.
3. This starts the laser beam and the doctor slowly puts fiber optic cable from a vein. In this way, inch by inch the laser light closes the vein.
4. This is the end. After the surgery is expected to foot pressure dressing in a special stockings. Now you can go home. We wish you health!

Price removal of varicose veins in one leg is about 1500 euro and two legs  2000 euro.

In our clinic we have EVLT laser for two years. Clinic is located in Poland, in Wroclaw. Wroclaw is a large city, situated in a distance of 250 km from Prague, Vienna and Berlin. We have successfully conducted over 1,000 laser operation of varicose veins, restoring health and happiness. Half of our patients are Poles, but the other half are citizens of European Union countries. We are the most popular choice for Europeans clinic in Wroclaw. Why is this happening? Because our team understands that the patient who goes to a foreign country in need of care throughout their stay and not only on the residence time in the clinic. Therefore, the care and assistance from us receives. It does not have to worry about hotel or transportation. All clinics provide him or her team, who speaks several languages. The patient is our guest and our concern is to meet all their expectations. Our doctors all the time to educate and learn about the world's most modern methods of treatments. We participate in international training, conferences and congresses in order to constantly keep up to date in medicine.

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