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środa, 15 czerwca 2011


Each of us is aware of the passage of time. Everyone also wants to keep their youthful appearance as long as possible. Today, it is possible thanks to advances in plastic surgery and facelift surgery.

It involves removing excess skin, through the tension in the direction of Upper - Rear. This treatment improves the appearance of the face, reduces wrinkles, removes signs of aging. Typical cuts are located in the blind spots on the forehead, ears and around it. In some cases it happens that the fascia is stretched mimic facial muscles.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and sometimes can be made under local anesthesia.

Recovery period lasts about two weeks. At that time, the stitches are removed. During this time, it is recommended to limit physical activity, avoiding sudden movements. After surgery it is possible to rise to edema, a small leakage of blood and the growing feeling of tension behind the ears. Complete healing takes about one month, the normal appearance of the face is obtained after about the 10 days, and the ultimate effect of the treatment can be seen after 3 months.

Rarely, but there is a risk of complications, which include the occurrence of hematoma (it may result in the necessity for a new surgery), infections requiring antibiotic therapy, drainage and other procedures (resulting mostly from failure pictures surgeon's recommendations, dressing, touching the wounds, etc.)

The person who will be willing to undergo the procedure face lift must be in good general health, normal results of basic laboratory tests. Before surgery, the absolute perform the following tests:
-         bleeding time test and blood clotting
-         morphology and blood group
-         ECG

Contraindications to treatment include:
-         anemia
-         vascular blemishes
-         unregulated hypertension
-         long-term diabetes
-         purulent inflammation of the facial skin
-         ropne zapalenie zatok

The residence time in the wedge is usually 2 days. Absenteeism takes about two weeks.

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  2. Lap Band... Yes, it's true. In some situations it is possible to finance the bank for a loan, but of course, to take a loan, also must have ospowiednie income. Plastic surgery in advance so excludes the poor. In Poland, however, if this is the purpose of reconstruction after an accident, or illness, the state finances if treatments. Thank you and best regards

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