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piątek, 10 czerwca 2011

ABC of breast enhancement surgery.Types of cuts. Plastic surgery in Poland.

ABC of breast enhancement surgery. Today you will learn what types of cuts are usedand which of them will najlepsze.Kiedy you go to visit a plastic surgeon, in addition todiscussing the types of implants and suggest the best for you, your doctor should alsotell you about the types of cuts, their flaws and virtues, and the best solution in your case.With our How will you prepare for the visit and you'll know what to ask. In a good clinicdoes not pay for the visit. Is included in the cost of the surgery. Here it is.
Cutting under the arm.

Cutting under the arm means that, in the vicinity of the breast will not have any scars - it is important for many women. At the same time quite visible scar will be labeled in theplace that you show in the summer when you wear a dress shirt and blouses. The disadvantage is that the implant stays quite a long way before it is placed in the targetsite. So this is one of the most difficult cuts. But does not cause any problems in the future if you would like to breastfeed.

Cut breast in the fold

This is one of the most commonly used cuts, it has many advantages. First of all, the scar remains so. thoracic fold, and thus directly on the bottom, under the convexitybreast. With increasing size of breasts, usually so hidden underneath. Especially so, if you choose to implant and anatomical shape your new breasts will be slightly fell. Withthis type of cutting there is no impediment to future breast-feeding. But we must remember that the scars are quite significant, because the implant must be preciselyplaced.

Cutting around the nipple

The scars remaining after these cuts are the least visible, because they are locatedaround the nipple. With time almost completely disappear and only the astute observermay notice it. However, this method is recommended for women who no longer wish tobreastfeed. Although the introduction of implants by cutting around the nipple breastfeeding does not exclude a possible, but it can be difficult and must be reckoned with.

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