Polmed Travel are people who for generations are associated with medicine. On their experience and knowledge is based on our business. Its headquarters is located in Wroclaw, Poland - one of the most beautiful cities, known as the Venice of Northern Europe. Clinics we work with the highest standards when it comes to medical equipment. But our greatest asset are the doctors, experienced specialists in the field of plastic surgery, orthopedics, treatment of varicose veins and dentistry and implantology.

wtorek, 7 czerwca 2011

Laser varicose veins operations in Poland. Dr Janusz Orzechowski.

A specialist surgeon, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University, member of the Association of Polish Surgeons. His passions is hiking, jogging, downhill skiing and kayaking.

2008 - he began to work at the clinic laser – LASER TOWN in Wroclaw
2004 - he worked in Specialist Hospital. J. Gromkowskiego in Wroclaw in the Department of General Surgery
2003 - obtained a doctoral degree in medical science
2000 - obtained a second degree with honors from the specialty of General Surgery
1996 - received the honors, and degree of specialization in General Surgery
1993-2004 – he worked at the Department of Surgery Specialist Hospital L. Rydygier Wroclaw
1990-1994 - he worked in the Accident and Emergency department in Wroclaw
1992 - he completed medical studies at the Medical Faculty of Wroclaw Medical University.

Dr Orzechowski specializes in varicose vein laser surgery in our clinic. Also performs hernia operation. Always patiently listens to the patient. It is calm and very precise.

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